Folding Space-filling Bisymmetric Hendecahedron for a Large-scale Art Installation

Synergia at night, installed at the North Christian Church, Columbus, Indiana

Citation: Wu, J., Inchbald, G. (2018). Folding Space Filling Bisymmetric Hendecahedrons for Large Scale Art Installation. Torrence, E., Torrence, B., Séquin, C. & Fenyvesi, K. (Eds.), Proceedings of Bridges 2018: Mathematical Connections in Art, Music, and Science, pp. 483-486, Phoenix, Arizona: Tessellation Publishing.

Link to full PDF here

This article discusses the bisymmetric hendecahedron, a space-filling polyhedron that was used to create a large-scale art installation at the site of the famous North Christian Church by Eero Saarinen in Columbus, Indiana. The article focuses on the geometric construction of the bisymmetric hendecahedron as well as its transformation into a large-scale art installation. The focus is on the artistic design, the material construction, and the assembly techniques. 

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